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Sea-Force Diving Ltd. has been serving its customers in the areas of inshore, near shore and offshore diving operations since its inception in 1996. As a commercial diving contractor specializing in all types of underwater work, the company has grown substantially over the years and now employs 20+ management, support staff, and divers. Our new location in Donovan’s Industrial Park, Mt. Pearl, NL, allows Sea-Force to execute dive projects throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and co-ordinate all onshore and offshore activities.

Sea-Force Diving Limited is currently operating in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Since our inception, we have completed jobs throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and are committed to the continued support of diving projects in the province, for the benefit of the province.

Sea-Force Diving has extensive experience in marine inspections on concrete structures, steel structures and wood structures. Sea-Force has performed work for Public Works and Government Canada for inspection/maintenance on the marine structures around the waters of Newfoundland and Labrador. A wide range of methods are used to complete the inspections. This can range from HP cleaning of concrete structures for a detailed investigation to Ultrasonic testing of steel structures. In addition, Sea-Force Diving is certified by both DNV and ABS to complete in-water service inspections.

Sea-Force has the latest in UT testing equipment that does not require removal of protective coatings. This is a great cost savings measure when re-instating marine coatings can prove costly. At present Sea-Force has the latest in marine cameras for digital photos and HD video cameras. All video feeds are living and recorded to DVD format and can be copied on site for immediate action if deemed necessary. This has proven to be a great tool when problems have arisen during routine inspections.

We have a standing offer with NL Power for inspections and support with their control structures. During the course of the contract we have used underwater burning and welding, HP cleaning, video work, and performed various concrete remedial works. A scope of the contract was the replacement of trash racks for a control structure. This involved construction techniques from crane operations to working with hydraulic equipment. In addition we have performed work for Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). Types of structures covered under the previous standing offer are steel structures i.e. tube piles, H-piles and Steel sheet piling, wooden structures from timber pile wharfs to wooden crib structures. Sea-force diving performed both visual and video inspection including non-destructive testing on most marine structures.

On numerous occasions, Sea-Force has had to utilize crane operations to support dive operations. A recent project in Long Harbour, NL required Sea-Force to use a 450tn crane to remove sections of a salvaged vessel. The vessel was first cut into smaller sections using underwater cutting equipment.

At the GSF Grand Banks refit Sea-Force, in conjunction with Mammoet Crane services used their 1350Tn mobile crane to remove two thrusters successfully from the water. All rigging was completed in water by Sea-Force Diving personnel.

Sea-Force has the capability to provide ROV services dependent on project requirements. We have certified ROV technicians/pilots on staff, and have access to observation class ROV’s to complete subsea inspections where Diver intervention is not possible.

Sea-Force diving has been the choice of most consulting firms when it pertains to marine structure inspections. On a yearly program we have completed a detailed non-destructive testing survey for IMTT on their jetty loading platform. This was determined necessary after a detailed inspection was completed on all IMTT’s marine structures by Sea-Force Diving which was the lead on the initial investigation.

Our experienced management team combines​​​ for over 100 years of diving related operations, and our divers and dive superintendents rank among the most experienced in their field of work.

Sea-Force Diving Limited is COR certified and has a pro-active “Quality, Health & Safety Program” currently in place. The company is DNV and ABS certified. In addition, the company is currently operating an ISO quality system.

Sea-Force Diving has being certified since 1996 to DNV “In-Water Survey of Ships, High Speed and Light Craft and Mobile Offshore Units, Classed by Society, In Accordance with Approval Programme No.404 and IA​​​​​CS UR Z17, as amended.” We have completed several UWILDS on Mobile Offshore Units for Transocean i.e. GSF Grand Banks and Henry Goodrich. These work scopes ranged from in water hull surveys, seachest installations to anode replacements. Sea-Force is extensively experienced in completing UWILDS on time and within budgets restraints.